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RENATHIB – Thực phẩm cho người bị sỏi thận

RENATHIB – là sản phẩm thảo dược cao cấp dành cho người bị sỏi thận, sỏi mật và viêm đường tiết niệu. Các sản phẩm của Renathib có những lợi ích mang lại hiệu quả và an toàn cho người tiêu dùng. Các sản phẩm của Renatib’s được làm từ 100% thành phần tự nhiên chọn lọc và được chế biến tiêu chuẩn 5 sao, hiện đại dưới sự giám sát của các dược sĩ chuyên nghiệp nên chất lượng sản phẩm luôn được giữ vững.

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Tổng quan về sản phẩm

renathib 01RENATHIB – Herbal for people with kidney stones

RENATHIB – is one of the premium herbal products for people with kidney stones, gallstones and urinary tract infections. Renathib products have benefits that are effective and safe for consumption.

Renatib’s products are made from 100% selected natural ingredients and are processed in a hygienic and modern manner under the supervision of professional pharmacists, so product quality is always maintained. Renathib itself now has the legitimacy of BPOM (Food and Drug Administration) as well as halal certification from MUI, so that the quality and safety of their own products are guaranteed.

The main functions of Renathib are:

  • Prevent kidney failure.
  • Prevention and treatment of kidney stones.
  • Digestive kidney stones, gallstones, urinary stones.
  • Maintain kidney health & prevent complications.


1. Tempuyung

The high potassium content in tempuyung leaves can form stones in the form of calcium carbonate to remove calcium, and combined with carbonate, oxalate or urate compounds can cause kidney stones. Consuming tempuyung headaches causes kidney stones to dissolve with urine.

Not only that, but tempuyung leaves can also treat urinary tract infections.

2. Meniran

According to the active ingredients of the meniran plant are flavonoid compounds: kuersitrin, isokuersitrin, astragalinruitn, kaemferol, in their free and related forms in the form of glycosides, lignans:

Compounds filantin, hypofilantin, nirantin, nirtetralin, norsecurinin, allosekurinin, nirfilin, filinirunin, alcaloid: indicated for liver disease, this herb is often used or used to treat other conditions such as urinary tract stones, urinary tract infections , Anti-inflammatory. , cold medicine, and diuretic (to facilitate urine).

3. Keji beling

The potassium in vitreous leaves can cause diuretics, which can dissolve stones formed from calcium oxalate salts in the bladder, kidneys, and gallbladder.

4. Orthosiphon aristatus

Cat whiskers containing orthosiponin glycoside are believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphates and oxalates, bladder stones, gallbladder and kidneys from the body and urinary tract.


3 X 2 capsules a day before meals


Preserved in dry, cool place. Keep away from objects with strong odors.

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