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TOTAL X – Tăng cường sinh lý phái mạnh

TotalX một giải pháp tăng kích thước dương vật tự nhiên và cũng rất mạnh mẽ và rất hiệu quả trong việc giúp những bạn bị rối loạn cương dương. Đặc biệt dành cho những người trong khi quan hệ lâu hơn.

Tổng quan về sản phẩm

Total X solution for male enhancement

TotalX is a natural penis enlargement solution and is also very powerful and very effective in helping people with erectile dysfunction. It has been specially formulated for men who want longer and longer erections while having sex with their sexual partners. The reason behind its creation is for people to be aware of the negative health effects of using chemicals or toxins that are harmful to their health.

It worked at a time when the man couldn’t do a good job in the room, badly affecting his sex life. They don’t need to spend a lot of time in the gym right now to get stronger erections. TotalX not only treats erectile dysfunction but also functions as a penis enlargement supplement.

Total X benefits

TotalX has a variety of benefits beyond just penis enlargement pills. It also treats premature ejaculation with the help of natural ingredients. The benefits and usage of TotalX are as follows:

  • Helps form a stronger erection.
  • Increases the stiffness of the penis.
  • Promote stronger and longer-lasting erections.
  • Maintain your overall sexual health and passions.
  • Improve the performance of your penis.
  • Helps build full-body muscle.
  • Helps you achieve a better climax during intercourse.


Total X’s natural ingredients are fenugreek seeds, L-Arginine, vitamins, antioxidants, Saw Palmetto, etc. All these ingredients allow your body to increase blood flow to provide you with more smooth muscle relaxation as your penis size increases.


  • Take 3 capsules x 2 tablets / day
  • Take 2 hours before meals / 1 hour after that
  • Total X 50 tablets

Storage method

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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