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TITAN GEL – tăng cường sinh lý cho phái mạnh

Titan Gel là gel tăng kích thước nam giới với các thành phần tự nhiên có thể tăng thể tích của dương vật lên đến 60%, tăng sức bền tình dục và kéo dài khi quan hệ tình dục.

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titan gel 02TITAN GEL – strengthens men to regain confidence

Titan Gel Male Vital Enlargement Gel [50 mL] is a male enlargement gel with natural ingredients that can increase the volume of the penis up to 60%, increase sexual endurance and provide additional stamina hold when having sex.



  • Zoom in and out of important indicators
  • Provides long duration
  • Improved tuning and functionality
  • Improve sperm quality
  • Maintain harmony with his wife
  • Helps increase endurance during intercourse.
  • Helps prolong sexual activity.
  • Provides more stamina for the body.
  • Helps endurance and sexual desire.


  • L-arginine is a very important element that helps to create amino acids that are used by the body to produce nitrogen oxides. Nitric oxide helps widen blood vessels and increases blood flow to the male genitals. This improves the quality of erection and orgasm.
  • Guarana is a secret recipe that can make men more excited. There are guarana seeds that provide a stimulating effect on men.
  • Glycine increases nitric oxide levels in the body, it can increase the activity of nitric oxide synthesis enzyme.
  • Magnesium titanium is a material that can regulate men’s libido.

How to use the product to zoom in on metrics:

  • Make the penis erect and use this product externally
  • Bring your hand slowly to the tip of the penis and press gently into the acupuncture point (for 2-3 seconds);
    Do this for up to 15 minutes


Preserving a cool and dry place. Keep away from objects with strong odors.

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