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In order to help customers get the best shopping experience and to be completely satisfied with their choice, we offer a PRODUCT RETURN POLICY at

1. In case you can change goods

  • The product is damaged due to shipping
  • The product has an error due to the manufacturer
  • The product does not match the model and classification set
  • The product has expired

2. Conditions and terms of change good

You will be entitled to 1 change 1 mode if the received product meets the following conditions:

  • Products must still have enough stamps, invoice intact, and have no signs of use. Please note to return both accessories and gifts accompanying the product (if any).
  • Products must have all accompanying documents such as a receipt, invoice, delivery note, warranty card, catalog …)
  • Change time is 07 days from the date you receive the product at the store or from the delivery staff
  • In case the product is not received in accordance with the order or there is any problem during the transportation, please notify our staff immediately or via website, within 48 hours from the time of receipt.
    Any complaints after this time, Sojilabs requested permission to refuse support.
  • In case the product to be exchanged is out of stock, you will be exchanged to another Sojilabs product with equal or higher value (please pay the difference fee for the product with a higher value than the product. products received)
  • Redemption policy is not available for products included in promotions

3. Forms of change goods

#For customers who buy directly

Please bring the product to be exchanged with the invoice, the staff of Sojilabs will conduct to check the product condition and support the exchange as soon as possible.

#For customers purchasing via the website

Please confirm with the courier the status of the goods to be exchanged, Sojilabs’s staff will quickly check and support the exchange for you.

– Please note, some Sojilabs products will not be eligible for exchange goods, you will receive a notification immediately upon purchase.
For more information, questions about the PRODUCT RETURN POLICY, please contact the toll-free hotline 028 7307 0789 for support from Customer Service.

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