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Customers who purchase at Sojilabs can choose one of the payment methods below:

1. Payment via bank transfer

Sojilabs accepts payment via bank transfer from ATM / InternetBanking / Bank transaction counters. If you choose a payment method by bank transfer, please transfer to your Account Number:

SOJI Co., Ltd
Bank account number: 0071001222276
Vietcombank Ho Chi Minh branch
Content of transfer: Full name [space] Phone number
(Example: Nguyen Van A 0123456789)

2. Cash on delivery (COD)

Please prepare cash to pay the delivery for the delivery staff from Boxme, you can check the goods before payment.
However, in some special cases, Sojilabs does not support payment methods on receipt of goods. For example, an order with a total value of over 10 million VND.

3. Pay via Payoo

– Payment at the store

  • Step 1: Go to the store affiliated with Payoo (Circle K, Vinmart, B’s Mart, Family Mart, Ministop, …)
  • Step 2: Provide the employee at the store with an Invoice Code to make payment
  • Step 3: Confirm the information and the amount payable
  • Step 4: Pay and receive a receipt from the store staff

– Payment via website
– Pay via Payoo app on mobile devices

4. Payment via PayPal

  • Sojilabs accepts all Paypal accounts that have been activated for payment. Please note that when paying via Paypal, the total transaction value will be converted to USD rate.
  • When the order is completed with the selected Paypal payment item, please click on the payment link on the order confirmation page (with the order code). Please enter your PayPal account information and proceed with payment.

5. Payment via Momo

Momo e-wallet is also one of the payment methods on the Sojilabs website for you to choose from.
To pay, just open the Momo wallet app and scan the QR code of the payment order. Extremely simple, convenient, and secure.

6. Payment via VNPAY

  • Step 1: Download and log into the Mobile Banking app
  • Step 2: Select the QR Pay feature built into the application
  • Step 3: Scan the VNPAY code to pay
  • Step 4: Enter the amount & verify the transaction

For any detailed information, questions or need help with payment methods, please contact Hotline: 028 7307 0789

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